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                                      We asked the CEO many questions , Listen to his answers below:


   What is a business broker:

Regardless of what people call a business representative, bbusiness brokers are also called intermediaries, agents, consultants or sales people. These consultants facilitate the business transfer process. The National average income for a business broker is over 100k per year including part time and full time brokers. What is earned depends mainly on each individuals time investment, drive and ability. 

        Many full time business brokers gross 100k - 300k or more a year! 
We teach the secrets to earning money, the most important things are (ego's) clash, the broker can takes the heat away from both sides acting as a buffer. This is a very important function because personalities cause most business transfer failures.

                               Why become a Virtual Business Broker?

We offer people an opportunity to take control of their financial lives working in the lucrative field of Business Consulting. This industry is one of the best kept secretswith BILLIONS of dollars being paid in commissions every year. 

At VBB y
ou pay a one time training fee of $2,000.00 and a $995.00 sign up fee to become a VBB. Brokers start with a 50% commission pay out for house listings. We provide all the marketinge.

If you ever owned a business you are most likely ready to start changing your life for $2,000.00. This $2,000.00 is for beginners only. VBB reserves the right to not accept people if VBB feels they do not have the skill set, tools or other assets required to succeed. If you feel you can start without training, the fee is $995.00.

                                             More reasons to b
ecome a VBB !

                   All  brokers are trained - Certified -  receive the listings and paperwork needed. 

       We "
Guarantee" you will have buyers and sellers!

Once established, most VBB's have low costs to be in this business. We provide almost everything for our members at the Virtual Business Brokers. Brokers are not required to solicit listings, we provide our VB's with buyers and sellers, in addtion to the tools needed to facilitate the process for only $59.00 a month.  

At Virtual Business Brokerage we wont just set you a drift to find your way and laugh like many others companies that charge 50k or more for much less. 
Most Virtual Brokers run their Business around their employment hours allowing the security of employment while becoming a financially secured business person themselves. 

We provide support in a way that people understand, not a bunch of intellectual explanations that the average business person cant understands the lingo. At Virtual Business Brokers - The company does Virtually everything except answer the phone or e mails contacts for our brokers. If this low risk business opportunity option is for you, use our contact us page and we will have someone will get back to you ASAP